Future Anterior – Illustrations of War

Future Anterior – Illustrations of War
Photo collage, Inkjet print on hand made paper, seven frames, each 33,8 x 48 cm, 2013.

The photo installation „Future Anterior – Illustrations of War“ presents a photo/text work in the tradition of Sanja Ivekovic, exemplifying like Ivekovic’s famous series Gen XX various fashion photographs. Hoffner searches here for an intervention in the depictions of sexualized violence in times of war and combines a series published by the fashion photographer Steven Meisel in the magazine Vogue with a short text written by Hoffner.

The presentation of obviously staged scenes of violence towards female fashion models by uniformed male police officers/soldiers stands in sharp contrast to the dry, journalist, theoretical tone of the short, precise texts. The excess in the staging of the images opens dichotomies of perpetrators (men) and victims (women), war and peace, reality and fiction for more, dfferentiated thoughts, especially because the text transfers the images from the „safe“ surrounding of the fashion industry into the scary context of war journalism. For the reception of the images Hoffner suggests very convincingly the temporality of „future anterior“. Therefore Hoffner doesn’t leave the painful event in the past, but transfers it into a past of the future, in which the possibility of distancing appears. Hoffner mentions apart from that that for an active reworking of violent scenes an activity of the viewer is necessary, a hint which shifts the field of artistic practice into the focus of transformative strategies towards experiences of violence.

Text: Renate Lorenz