Disavowals or Cancelled Confessions

Disavowals or Cancelled Confessions
Silver gelatin prints on baryta paper, five frames, each 60x40 cm, 2016.

Disavowals or Cancelled Confessions is a photographic and performative archive on drag in times of war. It is evolving from the surrealist artist Aziza Mehran Ahmad and his work. Ahmad’s long-term research on bacha posh (girls who grow up as boys) appears through self-staged portraits. It sheds light on Ahmad’s life and work as a main figure of early modern drag because of his discovery and reinterpretation of Claude Cahun long before she was recognized in Europe.

Performance: Dorian Bonelli, Cana Bilir-Mayer
Camera: Ana Hoffner, Anja Manfredi
Costume/Textiles: Constanze Schweiger
Assistance: Theda Schifferdecker, Alexandra Wanderer
Concept, Text and Processing: Ana Hoffner