Framing Live Stream

Framing Live Stream
Live stream performance and video installation, Colour/sound, 4:40, 2014.

When Osama bin Laden was shot in 2011, there was no picture showing his death in the media. Instead of those otherwise conventional pictures of the dead enemy a picture from the White House was given to the public, named „Situation Room“ by the white house photographer Pete Souza. On this picture Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and other US american politicians are captured watching the Live Stream of Osama bin Laden’s execution. „Framing Live Stream“ restages the famous photograph as a performative event in which watching plays a decisive role but it centers around a white screen on a laptop as the performance’s „ready made“. All positions around the table of the White House are outlined through a description of the emotional reactions from an invisible speaker in front, however those reactions stay unaccesible as the camera shows the scenery from an angle in the back of the performer. „Framing Live Stream“ is a try to intervene in the field of visual representation of contemporary politics, by changing the setting and the frame of the image production. The performance asks how positionalities of victims and perpetrators are reinforced by technology and how the parallel lines of visual perspectives and political orders can be changed through the practice of restaging a media event.

Voice: Nina Prader
Camera: Lauren Klocker, Mathias Sonnleitner
Photos: Anna T.
Concept, script and postproduction: Ana Hoffner